Lifederma is a serum containing Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, (Argireline® ) a safe, non-toxic topical alternative mimicking the effects of Botox® without the use of needles.

Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 also known, as Argireline® from Lipotec S.A. is a synthetic made of amino acids that were specifically engineered to relax wrinkles. It reduces the degree of existing facial wrinkles and has been demonstrated to be effective against their future development. It has been shown to inhibit the formation of the SNARE complex as well as catecholamine release.

The women who completed the experiment applied a lotion containing a .05 solution of Argireline® to the crow's-feet after one month, had experienced no side effects. Before-and-after silicone molds demonstrated a 30 percent reduction, on average, in the depth of wrinkles. Argireline® locally disrupts nerve signals sent to muscles, relaxing and flattening the overlying skin, whereas Botox® stops them altogether.

Controlled studies have also demonstrated that facial wrinkle depth can be reduced, especially in the forehead and around the eyes and that Argireline® can prevent apparent facial skin ageing. Skin topographic analysis performed on healthy female volunteers confirmed the validation of the proposed biochemical mechanism of action.

Clinical Testing:

The anti-wrinkle effect of Argireline® solution was ascertained in two different in vitro tests directly related to the formation of wrinkles in the epidermis as well as a separate in vivo test preformed on healthy female volunteers.

In vivo testing showed further benefits of Argireline® . The researches concluded that Argireline® solution reduced the depth of wrinkles around the eyes up to 17% after 15 days and 27% following 30 days of treatment, substantiating the biochemical mechanism hypothesis.

According to research done by Lipotec, in the second IN VITRO study,  Argireline® has been found to inhibit vesicle docking by preventing formation of the essential ternary SNARE Complex.

Fig. 1. Modulation of SNARE complex formation by analogues of the
N-terminus of SNAP-25.

Fig. 2. Modulation of catecholamine release

Fig. 3. Silicone replicas of the skin that was untreated (top row) and
treated with an Argireline® containing cream formation.

Other active ingredients:

Lifederma a serum is scientifically formulated by combining Argireline® (acetyl Hexapeptide-3) and other premium anti-wrinkle, natural ingredients such as Collagen, Elastin, Camella Olefere (green tea extract), Aloe Vera, Mulberry Root extract, Licorice Root extract and Algae extract to maintain the skin's natural healthy balance for younger, firmer looking skin.

Collagen is a natural protein that provides our bodies with structural support. As we age, our body's production of collagen slows down. On the outside, we see our skin start to wrinkle and lose its youthful radiance. By replacing the collagen levels in our skin, we help slow down the aging process.

Elastin is our body's structural protein that gives elasticity to our tissues and organs. Changes in the elastic tissue from exposure to sunlight, effects of gravity, or motion factors in the skin. It functions in connective tissue in partnership with collagen.

Green Tea Extract topically applied may protect against sun damage and may ultimately provide anti-aging benefits. Many believe the tea in skin products can help ward off skin cancer and the signs of aging. Green tea's antioxidant property is key to its skin-protective qualities.

Aloe Vera ( Aloe ferox, A. barbadensis ) Externally, the clear gel from the A. barbadensis leaf, is used to treat burns, abrasions, skin injuries, and in cosmetic products.

Licorice ( Glycyrrhiza glabra and G. uralensis ) Licorice is one of the most widely used medicinal plants in the world, commonly used in European, Arabian and Asian traditional medicine systems. Licorice and its extracts are safe for normal use in moderate amounts. Many cultures throughout the world for centuries because of its effectiveness as an overall body tonic. Containing lecithin, protein, magnesium, silicon, thiamine, and Vitamins B and Vitamin E, Licorice root can be used alone or with combination herbal remedies. Licorice root's anti-inflammatory properties make it especially beneficial for relieving a variety of ailments such as sore throats, arthritis, and asthma and muscle spasms.

Algae Extract benefits the skin in the following areas - Anti-oxidant, anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, skin cell renewal, skin barrier repair & as a skin hydrator.


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