Ask yourself these four questions:

• Is your skin prematurely aging due to maturity, harsh elements or an active outdoors lifestyle?
• Would you like to have firm, young, healthy looking skin again?
• Would you like to have the results of Botox®, without the painful injections?
• Would you like to protect your skin from sagging and further damage as you mature?

If any of your answers are "YES," then you have come to the right place.

Discover Lifederma

Dr. Michael V. Elam, renowned Newport Beach Cosmetic Surgeon, helped create and develop and the revolutionary formula in Lifederma™ products. He takes great pride in offering these specially formulated, high quality products which have been so successful to our clients.

As skin ages and becomes exposed to harmful agents such as UV Rays (from the sun), pollution & stress, it loses the ability to repair itself. The results are the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines. Lifederma™ is a highly effective treatment mimicking the effects of Botox® to help repair signs of aging and give the skin a more youthful, firmer appearance. See our amazing before and after photo gallery for examples of what Lifederma™ can do for you.

Packed with unique active ingredients, proteins and plant extracts, you will find products that provide natural solutions with guaranteed results. Lifederma's all-natural, clinically tested, advanced products are safe, effective remedies to restore and revitalize your skin and its supporting tissues, without prescriptions, risky injections or harmful side effects. All of Lifederma's products are backed by clinical studies and a 30-day money back guarantee. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more.

We are constantly growing and developing beneficial new health and beauty products, so please check back often for lots of exciting new additions to our web site. Vibrant, beautiful skin takes care and good habits. Please browse through our website and learn how Lifederma’s special active ingredients work for you. We are so confident you will love Lifederma™ that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of our products. Our mission is to enhance and protect your natural beauty and to make you look and feel like a million dollars!

Stay young and healthy!

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